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Why Cicioni

Cicioni means healthy eating

The truth about the “4 poisons” and the readily available alternatives (you only need to choose)

They are pristine white. They have been with us since our birth, with scents that bring back the past and a flavour of family. They are the new “friendly poisons” because, as we know, appearances often deceive.

We are used to eating them on a daily basis, as key nutrients in our diet, and yet they are extremely dangerous for our health. We are talking about sugar, salt, flour and milk, which should never be consumed in large quantities.

The good news is that there is no need to give up on the pleasure of good food. There is a way to strike a healthy balance between tasty dishes and the right ingredients.

A healthy diet can do without additives

The final consumer is willing to pay more in exchange for quality and transparency. These are the types of products that shoppers want to find on shelves:

Completely natural
Without artificial colorants
Without artificial aromas
With vegetable proteins
Without OGMs
Without lactose
Without additional salt

(Re)search, and you shall find

Cicioni is:

Cicioni and EuroCompany: two paths, the same destination

Cicioni: tasty and wholesome

It’s healthy, find out where to buy it!